Andrew Bell, at the New York Review of Magazines, on The Atlantic's evolving approach to cultural coverage:

The Atlantic’s focus on issues of gender has perhaps opened the door for a new business model. It might turn out that the best way to attract men is to feature articles sympathetic to feminist views. If the success of Rosin’s “The End of Men” proves anything, it’s that women and their issues should be more prevalent in the magazine world in order to help attract readership and increase loyalty.

An interesting article, and I like The Atlantic's articles about gender, but would also like to see more women (at The Atlantic and elsewhere) writing about issues other than "women's issues". I think we're qualified and when women are thus assigned they acquit themselves creditably. If we were doing a byline breakdown omitting articles related to gender, incidentally, I suspect The New Yorker would be top-rated in this regard. Springing immediately to mind: Larissa MacFarquhar on Derek Parfit, Jill LePore on guns, Jane Mayer

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