"Explorers are not, perhaps, the most promising people with whom to build a society. Indeed, some might say that people become explorers precisely because they have a streak of unsociability and a need to remove themselves at regular intervals as far as possible from their fellow men."

An unnamed member of the Royal Geographical Society, quoted in David Grann's The Lost City of Z. I'm exploring a bit myself this week--but in the meantime, a new post at Gulliver about what happened to me the last time I went out on an adventure.

07/18/2011 05:29

Possibly your Victorian dilettante explorer. They were small expeditions.

But earlier explorers were often nobles who were bringing a bunch of people with them, and either were self funding or had to get the backing of the ruler of their country. Sir Walter Raleigh, Champlain, Henry Hudson etc. do not strike me as unsociable fellows. The conquistadors were a violent bunch for sure, but the main driving force behind their actions seems more to do with ambition, than misanthrope.

You need to do a better job of baring your door at night. Very low odds, add up to near certainties given a high enough frequencies.


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