At Democracy in America, a new post on the ongoing controversy over Perry's 2007 executive order (quickly overturned) mandating that schoolgirls get the HPV vaccine.

Speaking of health, this is the healthiest lazy thing I've done lately:
Yes, that's a party platter. A platter intended for parties which I am hoarding for personal snacking. I'm not proud, but I've accepted it. I've been working more than cooking the past few weeks, and as a general rule, I try to focus on doing things that are known to be good rather than working with the less fun guideline of avoiding things that are bad. It often happens that good behavior reduces your capacity for and/or interest in mischief anyway. I suspect that if you eat a pint of tomatoes and a quart of milk and half a packet of smoked salmon and an apple and so on every day you'll be doing well by yourself in terms of nutrition. In any case: the personal party platter has contributed to a noticeable increase in household vegetable consumption. It seems absurd, because it's hardly difficult to put a bunch of vegetables on a tray yourself, but as convenient "health" food goes, it's a lot less gross than food bars.

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