A fun thought experiment from John Burnett at NPR. I was surprised to see that Public Policy Polling found 14% of Texans sayiing they would support secession as of September last year--that's higher than I would have guessed and certainly far higher than it would be if we ever had occasion to put our cards on the table.

The truth is that even when it was a republic Texas was essentially crypto-American. William C. Davis: "No immediate neighbor populated so largely by Americans and governed so entirely on the American model could long remain outside the orbit of the Union, and certainly not in the era of Manifest Destiny." The fact that annexation took nine years was more a function of American ambivalence than Texan independence. 

As for today, it goes without saying that neither side would benefit from a separation, but Texas could conceivably straggle along, certainly more effectively than in 1836. Big economy, access to ports and overland transport, natural resources, a young population, pretty good public finances, fairly coherent legal and political systems, etc. Difficult diplomatic relations, perhaps...

04/01/2012 07:03

14% is roughly the opposition in church on a secret ballot to the second coming.


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