"This is the man who famously went to Michigan, the state he grew up in and then left for good, and praised it thus: "The trees are the right height." You pretty much can't get a better absurdist parody of politicians' vapid sure-is-nice-to-be-here patter than that."

A thought-provoking piece from Molly Ball, who argues that Mitt Romney's humor is so consistent it can't be unintentional.

S Bayer
03/13/2012 10:31

My favorite Romney joke was from 2008, when he was campaigning in Iowa:

I asked my wife: "Honey, in your wildest dreams, did you ever think we'd be in Iowa running for President?"

She answered: "Sweetheart, you're not in my wildest dreams."

03/13/2012 11:22

Ha! cute couple


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