Last week I went in for a biometric screening, part of a game sponsored by my new employer wherein if you acquire 500 wellness points by December 15th you can save up to $910 on next year's health insurance premiums. The results were that although I have the overall health of a 25 year old [blushes] I'm hypoglycemic. My brother's advice:
Also contraindicated, apparently: exercise. Not to clown around about health, but this does seem like a suspiciously cute medical issue for the holiday season. Bonus round: next time I need to write a message on a cake it'll be a cinch!

Update: As Julian points out, I really missed an opportunity to link to Eddie Izzard here:

12/14/2012 10:46

No, no, NO! You do <strong>not</strong> want something like cake icing. Or anything else high in sugar. Because, while it will give you a little immediate relief, the crash will be massive, and not that long in the future. Been there; done that; no fun at all.

A far better bet is to get something with lots of protein. Nuts, for example. (Or jerky, if you prefer meat, but want something that will keep.) Failing that, go for something with lots of carbs (e.g. granola bars; which have sugar, but lots of carbs as well) -- they at least keep you from crashing anywhere near as soon.


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