A quick take on Ted Cruz, who spoke today at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's biennial policy orientation (as did I! thanks to everyone who came). 

01/09/2013 19:08

"That is, he continued, fiscally conservative policies work for the 47 percent; they facilitate entrepreneurship, for example, and encourage people to chase economic mobility."

I expect that one could find a dozen policy changes from the Obama administration that have facilitated entrepreneurship and encouraged people to chase economic mobility, much like Republicans are on the record adopting policies that directly help the poor. I wonder what the political debate would look like if people were to take into account the complexity of society and governance. Probably less entertaining. Partisan politics is a team sport and support for one party or the other might just be rooted in the same part of the brain that makes us think that the Dragons of New Phoenix are a bunch of idiots and the Wild Bats of McNashville are demi-gods.


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