The above video, about an elephant and a dog who are best friends, isn't new, but a Facebook friend posted it earlier today and I think it's worth sending around again. And speaking of elephants, my friend Graeme sends along a new song by Alex Shoumatoff, who wrote Vanity Fair's August piece about poaching in Africa, "Agony and Ivory." In this follow-up morning raga, Mr Shoumatoff offers a musical version of the message.

As I was listening my houseguest, Elisa, walked by and told me that she recently read a really depressing article about tuna, in her view "the elephants of the sea." Here is the EDF's guide to eating our tuna friends: the "eco-best" option is yellowfin from the U.S. Atlantic, "caught by troll/pole." (TROLLS?) And here's a nice photo of an Asian elephant with hay on his head, by Arran_Edmonstone on Flickr.

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