The new Errol Morris documentary, Tabloid, sounds quite interesting and seems to have a religious subplot. Its subject, Joyce McKinney, was the subject of a tabloid scandal in the British press after being charged with kidnapping her (Mormon) lover; the press added the accusation that she chloroformed and raped him; she denies all of this and describes it as a Mormon plot to bring him back in the fold. The New York Times explains:

Likening the experience to the Akira Kurosawa classic about clashing realities, [co-producer] Mr. Lipson said, “It’s a Looney Tunes ‘Rashomon,’ but ‘Rashomon’ all the same.” He continued that, as with “The Thin Blue Line,” “it’s documentary as film noir, as a fairy tale, and like all good fairy tales it’s totally perverse. I see her as the princess who crosses an ocean to rescue her somewhat reluctant, pear-shaped prince. She should take pride in knowing she had that kind of guts.”

Incidentally, I love Morris's First Person series; a lot of it can be watched on YouTube.


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