A comment, at Democracy in America, about the case of the Kountze Lions cheerleaders.

Speaking of the religious right in Texas, state senator John Carona (R-Dallas) got some notice last week for being backing some gay rights. He didn't go as far as supporting gay marriage, but here he is thinking out loud about it--I wonder how many gay marriage opponents would describe their thoughts similarly, rather than taking a hard line:

“I can’t say that I’m there yet, that would be dishonest, but I can say that it’s a question that I find myself asking myself over and over,” Carona added. “What is the most conservative approach? Well, I’m always told less government, not more government, is better. What is the right thing? Well, I think anything that advances, encourages monogamy is a good thing. And frankly how could you be against people who want to get their affairs in order and have a loving household? So, yeah, I’m evolving, but admittedly I’m not there yet, nor do I believe the district is there yet, but times change and things may change.”

Side note: Carona is also one of the few state legislators (of either party) who supports increasing the gas tax--also con

11/06/2012 18:05

Thanks for posting about Carona. I'm not so good these days about keeping up with the what's happening now, right now and had been thinking about this guy. His thinking aloud statement (love that phrasing) is honest, realistic, and hopeful. I have this theory that largely the republican party has become so Christian that they've forgotten what it means to be Christian. His statement seems to be a throwback to the "real" Christian values. Side note, doesn't less government mean not caring who marries whom and staying out of people's lives in that manner?


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