You know what's not very nice is that on Sunday morning I realized that someone had broken into my car, tried to hotwire it, and having failed at that, made off with the GPS. 

In any case, when the car is back from the shop, I might invest in a new model. Gabriella Cook and Jeremy Richards, at McSweeney's:

"The destination is all that’s left. The destination is not your right. Notice how the desultory snake sprouts a head in the shape of a checkered flag. In the wind, here you witness your surrender interrupted by nothingness in even steps, white/black, white/black, the gaping mouth of a beggar, the blizzard consuming a night so dark and so close it convinces you that the sun is a fiction, a mistaken memory, nostalgia for the fire that set you running. You have arrived—not where you intended, but at a point where you agree to be still."


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