The conservative scholar James Q Wilson also passed away last week. Dan Drezner discusses his work here, with links to some other remembrances. Clearly I'm going to pass along this 1995 article about Calvin and Hobbes, which he called "our only popular explication of the moral philosophy of Aristotle":

Occasionally Calvin ponders what character may mean. As Christmas approaches, he knows he must be good for Santa Claus to deliver the countless presents (including a heat-seeking guided missile) that he covets. But, he wonders aloud, can he be thought truly good if he is good only to get the presents? "I mean, really, all I'm doing is saying that I can be bribed. Is that good enough, or do I have to be good in my heart and spirit?" But this brief insight quickly vanishes: "OK," he asks of Hobbes, "so exactly how good do you think I have to act?"


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