On Christmas, my youngest brother had a 24-hour stomach bug. I gave him orange juice, Fresca, chicken soup, Saltines, Pepto-Bismol, and some expired phenergan that I found in the kitchen cupboard, although I ate some of his Saltines myself. In return, he gave me the 24-hour stomach bug. "Ha-ha, Merry Christmas!" he said when I told him.
This young man has the heart of a natural troll
It's odd having a miserable illness of known duration: you know it won't last forever, that it won't even last that long, that it's not that serious, yet it's impossible to extrapolate yourself from the experience, and while you're sick you're all "$25 million in federal grants to fix this? Give that woman $25 billion and a medal." Now that I'm in recovery, I can say that the great thing about having a 24-hour bug is it's a such a good reminder of how good a usual 24 hours without bugs is. All day yesterday, festering on the couch, I kept thinking of all the ambitious and exciting things I might have done if only I had my health. Like gone to the corner store to buy some Gatorade. Or sat upright long enough to put on a DVD.

The other great thing is that sweet Alex, in Britain, tried to cheer me up by sending a small selection of comedy clips. Well worth watching, whether you're well or un-:

Eddie Izzard on Stonehenge

Victoria Wood, "Two Soups"

Monty Python, "Pet Shop (Dead Parrot)"

Monty Python, "Ministry of Silly Walks"

Eddie Izzard on religion

Go for an English

Ricky Gervais on gay animals


12/28/2011 13:16

Good for Alex. Nice selection.

01/09/2012 06:38

Alex was remiss in failing to include this clip:



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