Apologies for going mostly quiet this week. The picture below is the view from the window of the office I was borrowing in London. As you can see, I was distracted by checking the time on the Big Ben. (A small point of pedantry pointed out by a couple of people: Big Ben is actually the bell rather than the clock. To which I can only say, I think that ship has rather sailed.)
In any case, some new stories. In the print edition, I have a piece about Texas job creation and particularly the issue of whether Texas has created mediocre jobs. I also have a story asking whether now is the time for America to rethink its approach to border security. At Democracy in America, I looked at how the Social Security shortfall is to some Democrats as climate change is to some Republicans. I also had a post about the art of compromise: why don't politicians make a virtue out of their tendency to flip-flop? And I wrote my first post for The Economist's language blog, Johnson (named for Samuel, of course): a user's guide to "y'all," the American South's great second-person plural.

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