Andy Carvin was one of the speakers at last week's International School on Digital Transformation in Porto, Portugal, and at the beginning of his (very interesting) talk he cited, as an example of user-generated content, letters to the editor--specifically, letters to the editor of The Economist. As regular readers will know, they are grouped under a headline that summarizes the topics therein. (In this week's issue, for example: "On Google, aeroplane emissions, food, Libya, skinheads, phone-hacking, James Baldwin.")

In Mr Carvin's view, this system "needs work." Not to come over all German, but I think it's admirably accurate and efficient. Accordingly I will use it here. From this week's print edition, I have a story about the drought in the southern United States, and another about Alabama's harsh new law against undocumented immigration. The law, I think, is doubly unnecessary: there aren't many undocumented immigrants in Alabama as it is, and no more are going to move there once they read this week's issue and realise that there's a horrible drought on. I also had a post at Babbage about Jane McGonigal's forthcoming SuperBetter game, and at Prospero about the less teleological pastime of fan fiction

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