A few new things this week: A story on the end of last meals in Texas, an analysis of Rick Perry's problems, and, at Johnson, a post on autologicality

Incidentally, I'm back from Britain, where I spent the last couple of weeks working from the London office and relaxing in the (Oxford)shire. In re: the Oxford-London commute, I think it would just about be doable (and in fact one colleague is doing it), but you'd have to figure out some way to whittle the time to and from the train or bus station, and have the flexibility to work from home or turn up late on occasion, I think.
Sunny days
Great country. Not in an "I wish America was more like this" way--Christ, no--and there are certainly some things to knock them for (scleroticism, superciliousness) but when you get right down to it they created civil liberties and professionalized irony. If I were them I would be so snooty about that. After a brief turnaround, I'm in Oregon for a few days with no idea what time it is (and no large tourist-friendly clock tower to help me figure it out). Have a good weekend, everyone.

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