"Don't Worry, He's a Vegetarian." Image via Austin Art Garage.
A few new posts to start the week...

At Free Exchange, I interrogate the premise of "Small Business Saturday": should customers prefer small businesses to big one? The image above, incidentally, is the Graham Franciose print I bought at the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin this weekend.

At Gulliver, a post on crying babies on airplanes. I wouldn't say that I'm for crying babies, per se, but I'm definitely with the parents on this one. Babies cry sometimes, okay. Don't we all? Thirty years ago, my mother flew to France with me (an infant), my older brother (a toddler) and, oddly, no cash, no phone number or address for my father, and limited language skills. Realizing the implications of this series of errors, she burst into tears and was surrounded by a gaggle of French women pushing francs at her so she could take Danny to the washroom. For this spontaneous display of basic kindness the people of France are frequently and fondly remembered in our home.

And at Johnson, a post on the uses of "likely," which occasionally appears as an adverb in North American English but is BANNED as such by The Economist. 

11/29/2011 18:32

Several years ago The Economist published a leader arguing that children on planes should be limited to a specific section, and that fares for children should be set higher to subsidize those of other passengers seated near this presumably loud children's sections. The logic was to treat the negative externality of crying children in a manner similar to pollution or second-hand smoke - or perhaps to take a Swift-esque swipe at the overuse of negative externalities as a rationale for nanny state regulations.

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