I recorded a Bloggingheads yesterday with Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon. Under discussion: Occupy Wall Street, the increasingly farcical Republican primary, and whether social conservatives want to jump on women's heads.

11/16/2011 17:37

Why are you such an abhorrent speaker?

Not your message or your views. Instead, your ability to simply speak the language to another human being.

You're obviously intelligent, yet on bloggingheads, you sound like a scared 8-year-old little girl gagging on her wishes to Santa Claus and/or like you're a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Rick Perry School of Understandable Adult Conversation.

Please improve your ability to speak the English language and to communicate orally.

P.S. Yes, you're beautiful, but I don't want a date. I want to hear an intelligent woman convey her message in an adult manner. Thank you.

11/16/2011 18:04

I'm listening to Bloggingheads at the minute. Ms. Marcotte refers to an opinion poll showing that pro-life supporters think that, among other reasons to have an abortion, doing so in order to avoid marriage is a particularly bad reason. Her inference is that pro-lifers thereby reveal that their true desire is to control women, not to protect unborn life.

An alternative explanation would be that, in the 21st Century, pro-lifers think shotgun weddings are absurd, and thus it's nonsense for a pregnant woman to think she must choose between abortion and marrying the father. Bristol Palin, for instance, chose not to have an abortion even though she was unmarried, and that decision was broadly supported by American social conservatives.

We should not be too quick to dismiss our opponent's stated motives; they are often sincere.

11/16/2011 22:24

You were great, I always enjoy your apperances on bloggingheads. Pity you were paired with such a rabid partisan, id like to see you with a fellow contrarian type like maybe Megan McArdle. Oh and Amanda seemed to think you were there to interview her, she clearly was more interested in hearing herself talk than you.

11/16/2011 23:42

Ms. Grieder,

A couple of busy hours at the gym caused me to think that I was too harsh on you in my earlier post. Rather than castigating you for your presentation skills, or my belief that those skills must improve, allow me to offer a few constructive suggestions. Feel free, of course, to ignore these suggestions and/or my initial post.

1. Speak slowly and clearly. It is often difficult to hear you. You tend to speak rather quickly and quietly. Speak up a bit.

2. Enunciate your words. You tend to mumble at times and that, combined with your fast manner of speech, hampers the delivery of your message to the viewer/listener.

3. Smile and relax. You appeared more tight than the lock on the safety deposit boxes at Rick Perry's offshore banks. Lighten up a bit. Enjoy yourself. And smile. No, not like a stumbling Uma Thurman in "The Truth About Cats & Dogs". When the opportunity and topic exists to offer those pearly whites, use it. You'd be surprised at how much a smile will enhance the reception of your message.

You're an intelligent, educated woman. I don't agree with you on everything. And The Economist's track record on derivatives, collateralized debt obligations, and credit default swaps prior to 2007 has forever rendered that publication almost useless to this reader.

But you have talent, kid. Just work on the delivery. Relax. And smile.

What's Wrong With Uma?
11/17/2011 16:12

That was uncalled for and rather sexist. Anyway, it is, admittedly, true that if you wanted to make a living out of tv, you'd have a great deal to work on, but as far as I can tell you don't, and for bloggingheads purposes, I really enjoy your flat, bored affect.

11/17/2011 21:38

Interesting talk. Generally agree re: criticism of Frank's approach to interets. Not related to this BH, but might as well say it: I enjoyed your piece at the Economist.com on why you believe Mormons to be Christians. Reasonable and healthy. I say this as somebody who is a non-Christian and was brought up in another 'controversial' religion that some people still enjoy talking smack about in the news and about which there are a lot of unflattering stereotypes around and sometimes had a rough time because of it (starts with an 'I'). So I watch the discussions about Mormons with my own experience in mind even though I'm no longer religious (and that I have liked almost all the Mormons I've met, except for Mitt Romney, so there's my bias). Seems very easy for people to take unfair and divisive positions on religious minorities these days. Nice to see somebody look at it as reasonably as you did.

Don't think there was anything wrong with your 'delivery' in the vblog. The criticism here seems somewhat unfair and beside the point. As in your other BHs you came off as reasonable and straightforward. You speak quite clearly and effectively in excellent English. No reason for adjustment. The ideas came through and that's what matters. No need for coaching or more or less smiling. This reader says keep it up. Not that you need me to say that.

11/17/2011 23:26

What's Wrong With Uma?
11/17/2011 16:12:32
That was uncalled for and rather sexist.
Typing that Uma Thurman played a hapless newscaster-wannabe in a 15-year-old movie is sexist? Are you serial?

I know, I know. Conservatives are always victims. Same with Likudniks, Hollywood actresses, Tim Tebow, Erin Burnett, and the comedians who bomb on The View.

Victims, one and all.


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