....with Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason. You can watch the whole talk at bloggingheads.tv, or an excerpt, about green jobs, at the New York Times.

09/29/2011 12:23

The two of you were awful on the green energy issue.

You do realize, I hope, that some of the "green" to the issue is a smokescreen?

The Germans starting with a process invented just before World War 1 put an enormous amount of effort into an alternative fuel effort. They were not worried about the world running out of oil, nor were they concerned with pollution. But they were able to use their synthetic fuel resources to keep their army (barely) running after external sources of oil were cut off in World War 2.

Since the last weekly reports show us importing oil from Venezuela equal to about 7% of our domestic production, it seems like a prudent idea to try and find a variety of other energy resources.

You might add to this the fact that U.S. production has been declining, and the early returns on the fracking fields (as stated in the WSJ) have been underwhelming.

On top of that you do have a (misguided?) majority of world scientists worrying about global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. You do work for a magazine called the economist. I assume you are allowed to bring up the concept of externalities: positive and negative. Or you wanted to be cutting edge, you could use behavioral economics to comment on the fact that people generally discount the future.


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