In a special All-Texas edition of Bloggingheads, I pair up with Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune to talk about Rick Perry's record and the shape of the 2012 Republican field.

I'll also be on the Martin Bashir show today, talking on the same topic. It's on MSNBC at 3pm ET/2pm TX. If you tune in, I'd ask you to be gentle--television is new to me. (Feel free to be as hard as you want in the comments to what I write, though!)

08/15/2011 12:21

You acquitted yourself very well, Ms. Grieder. I'm a long-time fan of The Economist, so I always turn up the volume if one of you folks comes on TV.

While your comments covered the more substantive aspects of Gov. Perry's campaign, especially his economic record in Texas, neither you nor your MSNBC interviewer touched on what is bothering an awful lot of people: so much about Perry (accent, looks, swagger) is just *too* reminiscent of George W. Bush. Particularly for those of us who supported Pres. Obama in 2008 but now are having second thoughts, getting over the Perry's inescapable Bush-ness is going to be a challenge.

08/15/2011 17:20

Not to worry Erica Grieder ... you did great on "The Last Word" tonight. Hope to see more of you and hear your insights more often on my television.

08/15/2011 23:03

You did great on The Last Word! Hope to see more of you!

Andrew Woods
08/16/2011 13:45

I caught your discussion with Evan Smith, and made the same spelling mistake others have made. I am an admirer of Wild Bill Greider, and a leftist by heart and intellect. I hope you have read Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country. It is very enlightening, and it is interesting that the libertarian Ron Paul believes the Fed should be taken down.
I read a number of your articles and blog posts, and your “fractious crypto/pseudoconservative” nature is not so obvious.

However, I will give you a bit of advice for television. Number one; keep your hands out of your hair. This is what women do when stopped at traffic light while driving a car. Number two; make much less use of your hands, both in terms of waving them and touching your face. Third, do not interrupt, even though Evan Smith interrupted you. Forth, sit still.

I grew up in the television industry. My father owned many TV stations, I worked in several, and my brother is sole owner of a Fox station in Montgomery, Alabama. I was a production director in the Pentagon’s TV studio, and spent hundreds and hundreds of hours monitoring all three major network news programs from 1969-1971, which included the My Lai coverage. I have watched talking heads more than most.

You are clearly very bright, and have an equally bright future, I believe. You are very photogenic, and you speak well, in terms of both content and fluency. These mannerisms that you interject, seemingly unconsciously can be corrected, and it will make you appearance more professional.

I hope this is gentle enough, and that you do not feel attacked.

08/17/2011 09:44

Those did not sound like Texas accents? LOL

You have op-eds in the WSJ commenting on his cronyism. He is all about Southern States race to the bottom in attracting corporations through give aways. AND AND he looks a lot like George Bush, but even more so.

Very much agree with the previous commentator about the hair flipping, etc. Since they obviously are more familiar with the subject then I, I will leave it there.

08/17/2011 11:19

Sorry I missed the TV. That would have been worth watching MSNBC for, and it ain't much worth that. Great work on bloggingheads.

08/28/2011 08:15

Thanks, guys. Especially Andrew, thanks for the constructive feedback. I didn't feel attacked and do appreciate it.

One of the interesting things about the bloggingheads videos (which I didn't really think about until I recorded them) is that the heads can't actually see each other--it makes it a little hard to pick up on the visual cues about when someone is winding down a comment. Something to think about for sure. But in any case, I'm trying to incorporate these tips one at a time--the next one I want to tackle is keeping my eyes on the camera without blinking so much!



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