So far, so good. Check out my achievements:
(When doing something new, I welcome pointless affirmation.)
I started using the site as part of the "CodeYear" project. The point of the site is to teach people to code by getting them to code: you go through lessons on a little console, and you have to write each little bit of code correctly before you advance.

So far, none of the mini-lessons have been too frustrating, although some of them are a bit perplexing and short on context. It reminds me a bit of the problem sets I used to do for symbolic logic, except I'm not always sure what the 'logic' is. (I suspect this is characteristic of the genre It's not as if programmers spend a lot of time talking to people who don't understand the premises of a programming language.)

In any case, it's been a nice change of pace in the usual "read, think, write" pattern of my days. I'm planning to stick with it for a while, at least. For people who want to learn more about Java the old-fashioned way: my developer friend recommends this book.

02/01/2012 14:37

The book you reference is a Javascript book.
If you want good, correct Java thinking...I recommend Bruce Eckels' stuff. If you want stuff that's fun, light reading that's decent, Head First Java is the general target.

02/12/2012 21:25

Thanks for this recommendation! It's definitely a fun way to learn (and relearn) this stuff through game-like activities instead of dry reading.

04/23/2012 14:54

can u give us the answer


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