_With Mitt Romney in the hunt to become America's first Mormon president, the question of whether Mormons are Christians is a sideline political inquiry this year. It shouldn't be, of course, given that there isn't a religious test for office in the United States. But it's an interesting analytical question, and I take a look at Democracy in America. I think that Mormons are Christians. I don't see what they would be if not Christian.

Maybe they'll evolve in a different direction, as Christianity evolved from Judaism, but they could also evolve in a more "traditional" direction. One of the ironies of anti-Mormon sentiment is that, as is often the case, the hostility tends to calcify and codify the difference rather than creating the space for reconciliation.

10/27/2011 07:55

If not Christian they would be...Mormon.

It's odd that you wander into a theological question, but dismiss theology as irrelevant in attempting to answer it. You also manage to paint with a broad brush, assuming that all those who place mormonism outside Christianity are simply "anti-Mormin".


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