"At any rate, the notion that a pie once called “Impossible” must now be called “Impossibly Easy” says something profound about our civilization, perhaps that it is in decline (i.e. its citizens no longer have the gumption to attempt to do remarkable, difficult things). Or, on second thought, perhaps this means that the civilization is still rising (i.e. things that were once difficult for its citizens to achieve are now a piece of cake. Or pie, as it were.) Or perhaps it is simply a sign that we are a civilization in recline, one declining to rise, one in which rest is to be valued above all else, which works with the whole aging population thing."

An effort to make Bisquick's "Impossible Pie" drives Stephany Aulenback, writing at The Awl, to ask some analytical questions about the essential qualities of pie. She should come to Britain. They call empanadas pies and don't know what biscuits are. 

02/25/2012 06:44

I believe an empanada more resembles a pasty than a pie.


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