My friend Jason Stanford, who is a political consultant/columnist/total commie here in Austin, has already read my book, and a few days ago he invited me to do a live Q&A tomorrow (Wednesday) morning on his website

I was pretty happy about that, because Jason is a smart guy, and particularly well-informed about Texas, and he gently disagrees with me--or as he puts it, "she's wrong"--so if I can get through tomorrow in fighting shape the Reddit AMA I'm hoping to arrange is going to be a piece of cake (for me, if not for the redditors).

You can follow along tomorrow at Jason's site, starting at 10 AM CST, or look for the transcript there later. And email me if you have any follow-up questions; I'll try to answer them here by the end of the week. 

And Reddit, to prove I have no hard feelings, here's a photo of me and Grumpy Cat:

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