An awful lot of psychological research is thuddingly obvious to everyone except, apparently, the psychologists themselves. Strange that psychologists don't study themselves more often. It could be a good way to get ideas for new reality shows. In any case, researchers at the University of Texas have discovered that parents value different things in their kids' partners than the kids do:

...which the researchers suggest is based in part on evolutionary interests. Parents can increase their chance of genetic success in future generations possibly by influencing their offspring to select a mate with certain characteristics.

Offspring get more immediate benefits in a mate, and therefore prefer different traits such as physical attractiveness.

A summary chart at the link, of top 10 traits desired by each category, suggests deviation from evolutionary interests. Both fathers and mothers (and daughters) put "kindness" on the top of their list, which is really important, except in an evolutionary context. Some circumstantial evidence for our capacity to use our hearts and minds, even while dating.

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