This Louis CK clip is old, but new to me. His initial comment about English coins reminds me of one of my favorite coins, a 50p that's worth at least £1 to me. I believe this commemorates Roger Bannister, who "endured the scorn of the British sports media" after finishing fourth in the 1500m run at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic games but redeemed himself by breaking the world record and running a mile in under four minutes. However, what we have here is just without question a nice pair of legs:
"I'm from a sophisticated country."
For those of you who don't agree with Mr CK's view that things are amazing, I recommend George Packer's recent profile of Peter Thiel.

01/19/2012 04:51

I came across this recently:

I meant to keep it for a friend who'd appreciate it, but alas I needed it before I had chance to stick it in a drawer.

And yes, things might not seem so rosy now, but for those of us lucky enough to live in the west, never have we had such freedom and choice.


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