Is there a better sign of a flourishing food truck culture than a trailer devoted to vegan comfort food? Talk about a long tail. In any case, Austin's Counter Culture, which used to be a food truck on North Loop, has a new bricks-and-mortar location on Cesar Chavez. The soft opening is this weekend:
Obviously in a tremendous rush to eat this sandwich
My friend, depicted above as a set of elbows, was mischiefing me. Two hours earlier I had been saying that I don't like vegan or raw food that seeks to disguise itself as a secular analogue. Yet here we see a garbanzo-based mock tuna sandwich, with cashew cheeze, ugh. The side is a classic Texas caviar, black-eyed peas with bell peppers and jalapenos.

In a pleasant surprise, it was all pretty good. And the space, with its shaded patio in eye-watering Miami aqua, is a nice addition to that stretch of east Austin. I can offer Counter Culture the highest praise available in such a context: would voluntarily eat there again. 

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