About today. I had unpleasant dreams and woke up kicking off the covers even thought it was cold in the house. I crept out of bed to drink some cold Gatorade and put on the fan, which registered a room temperature of 65 degrees. At 5 am I decided it was too hot to sleep any more, and then I fell asleep for a few more hours. In the afternoon I went to brunch with a mixed group of friends at a trendy restaurant in downtown Austin. I spent a few peaceful minutes in space, staring blankly west toward Congress Avenue, before I realized that it was unsociable. For appetizers we had salad, tender pulled pork, loamy grits with jalapenos, and macaroni and cheese heavy with Grana Padano. When the entrees came I could only eat part of a tortilla. My hair has smelled like a campfire all day from standing next to the chiminea last night.

About this blog. It's my scratch pad. Any mistakes are my own, but so are any good parts. :-) .

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